About a block and a half from our house is a creek bed – Sand Creek. In the late 60’s it flooded destroying the bridges coming into our area and flooding several homes. Sand Creek was rebuilt to avoid potential flooding and with it walking paths , picnic areas and a bird sanctuary. It is really a beautiful area to take a casual walk. My niece Katie and I try and go for walks at least twice a day. Of course when we go on these walks we tell my dad when we are leaving and about when he should expect us to return. And we always have a cell phone with us ” just in case”. My dad is always warning us to be careful of the “elements”

By the “elements” I have never been sure if he was afraid we would be attacked by some rogue duck, an agitated beaver or if while we were walking a branch from a tree would fall off and crush us. I suppose there always is the possibility of a gang fight or a drug deal gone wrong some where along the creek path.

All Katie and i have ever seen on our walks are old couples, people walking their dogs, bicyclists , kids out having fun or just other people from the neighborhood enjoying a nice walk on a beautiful Colorado day. Still we remain alert with our cell phone close at hand because you just never know about the “elements”.