We have a tradition on Father’s Day, we take my dad out to dinner to his favorite restaurant. Of course the whole world knows that would be Texas Roadhouse. Why would anyone want to eat at any other place? However, the last few years we have had major conflicts. For example, this year the Greek Food Festival, Gay Pride Festival and parade and Father’s Day were all on the same weekend. What to do?

We decided that Friday night we would take my dad to Texas Roadhouse for an early Father’s Day. My nieces Jackie and Katie treated my dad and me – what a cool surprise.( I also love the Texas Roadhouse). On Saturday Katie my dad and I with some of my friends went to the Greek Food Festival. We went at a specific time so we could watch my cousin Angela’s daughter ( Mary ) dance with the young Cretan group. Mary was great and the yiayia’s and papou’s of all the kids in the dance group had the crowd cheering and standing on their feet. I was getting ready for the next Creatan revolution demanding their freedom from Greece. With this crowd it could happen ( Don’t mess with old agitated Creatan people ).

Finally Sunday we went to the pride parade and festival. My dad never goes – he hates parades. The last parade he went to was the Bicentennial , which was also the Centennial for Colorado, in 1976. It was over 2 and 1/2 hours long and he vowed to never attend another parade – and he hasn’t. Maybe we can get him to go to Drag Queen bingo. After all it is held at Hamburger Mary’s and he loves the food and he likes bingo. After the parade we came home and took my dad to Dairy Queen for a blizzard ( the flavor of the month was smores ). It was a great way to end the weekend and Father’s Day.