Over the years I have tried to convince my dad to dispose of many of the items we have that serve no purpose. You know like jars with rusty nails or screws or nails ( “Just because they are rusty you still may need that size one day – then where would you be?” )  God forbid we should go to the hardware store and buy new ones – you know ones that didn’t break when you hit them with a hammer. Or how about those big plastic tubs that butter comes in ( “Without them where will we dump our grease?”) How much grease do we have?

Then there is the Nordic Track. My dad bought it brand new decades ago. No one uses it now or will ever use it again. At first he insisted that if we were going to sell it that we should put it on Craig’s List for $600. Much to all our surprise it didn’t sell. As late as last week we relisted for only $50.00 – still no offers. Maybe we could build a Nordic Track Shrine in the back yard.

We also have pieces of wood that would make any lumber yard jealous. And a bigger quantity then any lumber yard could even dream of. Finally we have more tools than Home Depot or Lowes combined. Maybe this is a survivalist thing that my dad is preparing us for. We have the guns for hunting and the material and tools to build anything we need or want. And last but not least we have the Nordic Track to keep us fit.