Over the years I have done fairly well keeping my weight reasonable and fighting the battle of the bulge. Under 1,000 pounds is preferred as you want to make sure that you always fit through the kitchen door and have access to the refrigerator. Recent events however. have made my weight watching more difficult.

The most recent event that has impacted my weight watching has been my new job.  The Iranian doctor I work for is a very pleasant and kind man. However , I have discovered that the Iranians are very much like the Greeks when it comes to food ( scary right? ). Food is the answer to everything. And just like Greek food everything that they eat is fat free. ( Well that’s what I was told. Why would they lie?).

At least twice a week the good doctor buys lunch for everyone. Now, I haven’t eaten lunch for years but I was told that in Iran when someone declines an offer of food it is considered an insult ( This of course brings back memories of yiayia “Eat, you don’t want to hurt yiayia’s feelings do you?”). Plus it really isn’t wise to insult your boss.

The food is usually ordered from one of many Mediterranean restaurants in the area ( And yes it is delicious! ). Just this past Wednesday, we celebrated the doctor buying his oldest daughter a new car, with another very delicious catered meal. Yes, there were also several desserts to choose from since not everyone likes the same thing. I think my only recourse will be to ask the doctor to buy me a membership with Weight Watchers or perhaps we could do like the Japanese and exercise at our desks with exercise music piped into the office.  ( Remember the Chicken Fat song in high school gym class?).