When he first announced that he would run for President, I admired Bernie Sanders and supported many of his ideas. However as time has gone on and the more I have heard him speak and the more I have researched his career the more I have come to dislike him. I find him ethically challenged and hypocritical. The one positive that I will credit him with is pulling the Democratic Party more to the left in this election cycle. That’s where it ends.

To begin with Bernie isn’t even a registered Democrat. And yes that is a big deal. He has spent years criticizing the Democratic Party and even advocated for someone to Primary President Obama in 2012 because Bernie felt that Obama just wasn’t liberal enough for his satisfaction. Now however, he wants the party to support him no questions asked. Trump is more ethical than Bernie, at least he is a registered republican. Bernie has raised the issue of super delegates and how they are unfair.Well guess what Bern, you knew they existed and perhaps most of them support Hillary because she is an actual Democrat. The super delegates have been around since 1972 and in 2008 most of them supported Hillary at the beginning of the campaign. That changed when Obama went ahead in elected delegates. Many of them switched to him. Guess what Bernie has never led Hillary in elected delegates or popular vote this year so why should the super delegates switch to support someone who’s chance of getting the nomination is slim and none?

Then there is the issue of voting. Bernie attacks Hillary for voting for the Iraq war. Hillary has admitted that she did and regretted her vote. Now when Bernie is asked why he voted against the Brady Bill 5 times ( background checks, waiting periods) his excuse is that Vermont is a state that likes its guns and hunting ( voting no on these issues is progressive – really?) News flash Bernie, Colorado is also a state where people enjoy their guns and hunting. The Democrats in Colorado however had enough ethics and moral fiber to pass gun laws that called for background checks, waiting periods and limited the size of the magazine rounds. In spite of republican hysteria and recall elections, the Democratic Party is still in charge in Colorado and the laws still remain. These elected Democratic officials stood up for what they believe in. This is a lesson Bernie should learn.

Bernie has been either in the house or Senate for a combined 25 years and has been able to pass only 3 bills. Yeah he shouts a lot but he can’t get his fellow congressmen to support him on any of his bills. In fact I find it interesting that Ted Cruz is said to be hated by the Republican Party and that is why none of his fellow Republican Senators will endorse him. So what does that say about Bernie? He does not have one Senate endorsement, not even from Patrick Leahy his co -Senator from Vermont.

I could go on about what we have encountered with some of his supporters here in Colorado at our caucus. I got the chance to speak with many of them. Half were in their 30’s and 40’s and had never voted before. The others were either ex Independents or Ex Republicans who had switched last fall just to vote for Bernie ( ” But if Bernie loses I will never support the Democratic Party – how nice!). Finally there is the caucus training video on you tube where the trainer is telling potential caucus goers ” After the caucus you can change your registration back. Just for this one day pretend you are a loyal Democrat and get that vote in for Bernie” I don’t feel the “bern” but there seems to be an awful smell coming from a certain campaign.