At first I supported Bernie Sanders and his campaign ideas. However, after watching him as a candidate and doing extensive research on him and his career, I have concluded that he is not fit to be President. Let’s start with his dysfunctional campaign: It started off with his campaign stealing data from Hillary’s campaign. Of course then at the debate he apologized and said the people had been fired ( of course he never mentioned returning the data). Then this individual states that Hillary is not qualified for the job. Really? Hillary has a resume of accomplishments at least 1,000 times greater than his.Then in New York at a rally, a Bernie surrogate calls Hillary a corporate whore – nice. Even worse, Bernie waits to apologize until there is a backlash to this speech. Of course everyone will always remember Bernie’s Pope visit. First he states that he has been invited to meet with the Pope, then when that is proven to be false, we learn that he is flying to Rome to give a 10 minute speech. Then he doubles down on the stupidity by standing outside the Pope’s door at 4AM so he can say that he met the Pope.

Bernie has accomplished very little in his 30 year career in congress. He has had 3 bills passed and two of those were to rename post offices. Sure he has attended many rallies and protests and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I remember watching with pride when Archbishop Iakovos marched arm in arm with Martin Luther King in Selma. But at some point you have to come in off the streets and actually work to change the system. Bernie lived off the state until he was 40 and got his first job and his first time voting. Yes, i attended many protests but I also worked my butt off trying to get things to change. As a freshman at the University of Colorado, I went to my first state convention as a McGovern delegate. I went with friends and we passed out petitions to get the Democratic party to put a gay rights plank   in the party platform. It failed but looked at the changes that have happened over the years by working within the party system. Gay rights is now a major plank in the Party’s platform. Or also, in my freshman year 2 of my gay friends and 3 women friends and I went to downtown Denver to meet Gloria Steinem and we proudly created Denver’s chapter of NOW, which is still in existence today. What has Bernie done besides yell and protest.

Finally, what nerve Bernie and his supporters have in saying that Hillary supporters are not progressive enough. First Hillary and Bernie have voted 93% the same on issues. Plus just how progressive is Bernie? Let’s see, he voted against gun control ( voted against the Brady bill 5 times ), voted against stem cell research ( proposed that the doctors involved should go to jail ), voted against the Amber alert bill and voted to put a nuclear waste dump in a lower income Latino community – Those votes are progressive?

The final straw for me was when he criticized Obama for not doing enough,.seriously? Bernie is a worn out old hippie, who has accomplished nothing in his life but protesting and yelling. This individual is not fit to be President.