Anyone who has had a dog or cat as a pet knows that these furry creatures are not dumb. They have a way of taking control of your heat and then you are hooked to a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship.

For example my two cats. Last week at Target there was a sale on a new type of cat litter and the price was terrific. I bought it and brought it home and changed the litter box. The next day the cats were meowing very loudly. I went to see why and they had pooped on the floor. ( The litter box was untouched ). The next day the same thing happened. I immediately went back to Target and bought my old brand of litter. I changed the litter in the box and as I carried it back into the room, I looked down to see both cats smiling from ear to ear. ( Dumb animals, right? ).

My dog Apollo was the most spoiled of all. He was so tiny when I brought him home that I could never bring myself to yell at him or spat him on the butt when I was disciplining him. This made potty training especially exciting. I would pick him up and be saying no,no,no until we got outside. He eventually learned to use the dog door but not until we had many exciting adventures getting him outside together. Every time I looked at that cute little furry face , he had me and it broke my heart when he died so suddenly last December