As a society we seem to have a general view that getting older is something bad. However, we need to focus more on the good points of getting older. For example :  Going to the theater. At most theaters in metro Denver they have a reduced rate for admission for senior citizens, generally three dollars off the price. If you are willing to wait a few months you can go to the Elvis Theater for only one dollar ( Yes Elvis is alive and well in Denver ).

The Church provides another perk: The Wednesday Paraklesis service begins at five. The service usually ends around six. This way you don’t have senior citizens driving late at night. I am particularly pleased with this arrangement because on Wednesday night my favorite show ” The Big Bang theory ” comes on at seven. The service ending at six allows me plenty of time to get home grab a diet coke and some chocolate chip cookies before sitting down in front of the TV. ( I believe in snacking nutritiously ). I also have a couple of peanut butter cookies for Darcy since dogs should not eat chocolate. I prefer to believe that he enjoys snuggling with me on the bed and watching TV because he loves me and not because of the snacks he gets.

The best perk of all in getting older is not caring how you look or dress. When I was younger, I was very fashion conscious and it would take me hours to make sure that I left the house dressed in style. Now I figure , as long as the necessary parts are covered, who cares? I guess I won’t be appearing on the cover of GQ anytime soon.