On Sunday October 25TH we will have my dad’s one year memorial service. The start of college football this fall had already brought back many memories. In the fall of 1972, I was a sophomore at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I had just purchased football tickets for Saturday’s game against Air Force Academy for my dad, my mom and sister.  After watching Ralphie lead the team onto the field, being in a jam packed stadium full of noisy fans and watching the Buffs throttle Air Force, my dad was hooked. Later that day, we found out that this had been the very first football game that my dad had ever attended.

The biggest thrill for my dad came when in 1991 we were able to attend the Orange Bowl in Miami and watch the Buffs win the national title. On the flight home, my dad sat next to the Governor ( also a huge CU fan ) and while the rest of us on the flight tried to get some rest we could hear the Governor and my dad using their “inside voices” talking about the game.

My dad used to say that he had so many Buffs shirts that he could wear a different one every day for the rest of his life. This probably was close to being true since for every Christmas, birthday and Father’s day he did get a new Buffs shirt.

My dad was also extremely proud to have voted for president Obama twice (” I never thought I would live long enough to see a black men elected President” ). He also ,with a little urging, voted to legalize marijuana. he was always grateful that Colorado never broke out into reefer madness as many people warned would happen. He also supported gay marriage or as he would say ” Joe’s people have a right to get married just like anyone else”. It made me feel like Moses ( my people ).