This coming Sunday the parishioners At Saint Catherine and Assumption Cathedral will be having a joint service at the Cathedral to show unity and support and raise money for the new Saint Nicholas Parish which was destroyed on 9/11.  This means the Church will be packed. We decided as a family that cousin Mary Johns will spend Friday night at the Cathedral and make sure that our pews are there for us on Sunday. We don’t want any of those “foreigners” from the other Church taking our seats.

Plus communion should be interesting. I have been to several services at Saint Catherine Church and the people there are just way too polite. They actually wait for the usher to dismiss them to go to the altar when Communion is announced. At the Cathedral when Communion is announced it is everyone for themselves. People jump out of their pews and race to be first in line for Communion ( Now these are my type of Greeks). The folks from Saint Catherine better be careful or they will be trampled on their way to Communion.

I was also thinking that we could do something to make the event more lively and memorable. Perhaps divide the Cathedral in half  and then like at a football game have each side wear their chosen Church colors. Plus you would have religious cheers to liven things up. Perhaps :   ” We have Jesus, Yes we do” We have Jesus, How about you?”  Yes a a bit unconventional but it would be very memorable.