A few weeks ago a friend and I went to the flea market. I hadn’t been in many years and boy have things changed. The flea market used to be individuals selling items they no longer wanted and other individuals buying these these items and taking them home as newly found treasures. This is where that saying ” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” comes from. You just have to be lucky enough to find someone that falls in love with your trash when you are trying to dispose of it.

Now , the flea market is nothing more than permanent stalls filled with new items. Often more than one stall of some particular items. The day my friend and I went the big sell of the day was bras 3 for $10.00 dollars or Nike shoes , 2 pairs for $35.00. There was also a full scale Mexican market ( it was huge ), Several bars, rides for the kids ( bumper cars etc. ), many small cafes, the ever popular turkey legs and live entertainment. Where were the individuals selling their used items? Have they migrated to someplace else?

I will always remember one particular trip to the flea market. It was years ago when one of my mother’s sisters from California was visiting. She was a frequent visitor to the flea markets in California and we promised to take her to the one in Denver. This was back in the day and as we entered there were rows and rows of individuals selling their used items that they no longer wanted. Then as we wandered down one particular row we all stopped in are tracks. There was an item that we had never before seen at the flea market – an empty casket.

Now what made this item especially strange is that usually people brought used items to sell. We never did get an answer from the man when we asked if this was a used casket. And if it was where was the original owner? I have always wondered if the man was able to sell that casket. I must say he did have it at a very affordable price.