Growing up I heard the phrase “running on Greek time ” very often and not in a good way.  You would hear ” No , they are not late . They are simply running on Greek time”. Or “Somehow we missed our flight at the airport. They just won’t adjust their flights for Greek time”. Yes, this even creeps into Church services. More than once I have heard people ask the Priest ” Why did you start services so early?” When the Priest would reply ” But I started them at 9:30 when they are supposed to start”. The reply back that he would get was usually ” Yes, but we come every week. Why can’t you wait for us to enter the Church before starting?” ( why indeed). One good thing about Greek time, I will be late for my own funeral!

My dad for some reason ran on the opposite of Greek time. If you didn’t arrive at an event at least 3 hours early, then you were running late. For example, when we would go to visit relatives in Salt Lake City, we would leave at 1AM. This way when are relatives were getting out of bed bright and early the very  first thing they would see at their front door was us. (Surprise!!). Or when we would go to the University of Colorado bowl games. We didn’t want to miss our flight so we would normally get to the airport at least 3 hours early ( yes even for the chartered flights). Of course the fun in this was being able to help the janitors clean the airport or when the shop owners arrived to open their stores we were also there to help them with that.