On my drive to work, I pass Fairmont Cemetery. This last Friday there was a big banner hanging on one of the fences. In nice bold letters was printed ” Tonight is movie night. Bring your family and friends”. Now I have seen where theaters and other places have a family movie night, but a cemetery?  I mean what is the main feature ” Night of the Living Dead”? Do they invite “special” guests?

I passed a Church that had  a sign that read ” God will be having a reunion. Will you be there”? I have never been that crazy about reunions. Family reunions can be very awkward because there are always a few weird relatives that you always feel that you must be nice to. ( Example : cousin Nicole the Feta cheese heiress – awkward with a capital A!!).

Then there is the Republican radio ad. It starts out with a soft spoken woman saying ” There are people out there who believe in racial equality, in choice for women, in marriage equality, and in free education for college so that when your child graduates they are not in debt”.  Who are these people? – Republicans”. Is this a joke? Apparently the people behind this ad didn’t bother to watch the last Republican debate. Was this made as a joke to make people laugh? I guess that one of the major draw backs of free speech is that it does allow people to lie. This ad is a whopper!!

Finally there is the restaurant with the big banner that reads. “Biggest and best selection all you can eat brunch in Metro Denver”! Then in much smaller letters underneath it reads ” Limit one serving per customer”.