Now, first let me be perfectly clear about one thing. I am not advocating for anyone to change careers and go to work in the pot industry. However, I must say that currently pot shops are Colorado’s fastest growing business and they have helped thousands of Coloradans find jobs. Besides, wouldn’t it be better to work in a pot shop than to have someone tell you that you look like you’ve gone to pot?

First, you must use correct language. These are not pot shops. They are Marijuana dispensaries. We have several varieties. There are the ones that sell for medicinal purposes ( these have been around for several years now ). Then you have the recreational usage shops and finally shops that sell both. Also, not just any ordinary Joe can work in these places. ( Of course I consider myself to be an extraordinary Joe ). University of Colorado and several other colleges have now developed majors in Marijuana cultivation. In a few years you may need a masters degree just to work in one of these places.

You have to pass a background and credit check plus most important of all the drug test.  Plus the industry is more than just selling pot. Grads from the top agricultural schools are getting very good paying jobs. So are programmers, attorneys, security system installation specialists, designers, chemists, biologists and  lab technicians. Yes, Colorado may have gone to pot but to the tune of over 60 million in the first year. ( all going to the schools ). Who knows one day I may even become Colorado’s very own pot king. ( better be very nice to me ).