I may have come upon a solution to the terrible situation with Greece. First the US needs to close all its bases in Germany and take all that money that would be spent there and give it to Greece. For some reason the Germans get pleasure out of hurting groups of people every few decades. Then the US should make Greece a protectorate like Puerto Rico, Guam  etc. We could wake up each morning to Yasou America ( a program that would feature Greek doctors that would dictate to Americans on how to live healthier lives).

Think of it millions of left leaning Greeks voting in US elections ( these are Bernie Sanders type of folks). Probably the Republicans would vigorously object to these ideas. After all many right wing Evangelical Christians don’t believe that Orthodox Christians are real Christians. Remember when Pat Robertson sent missionaries to Greece and Russia to convert the heathens to “Christianity” ? Or how he was so pissed when the missionaries got “lost” in the Greek mountains and the Greek government refused to go looking for them?

Now in all fairness to the Greek government, they did warn Robertson that his people would not be well received and especially to not tell the yiayias and papous in those Greek mountains that they were worshiping God improperly. So a few folks disappeared ( taste this new yummy Greek stew – with enough Ouzo nothing tastes bad ). I will write my congressman and see what he thinks of my ideas. What could possibly go wrong?