While I supported President Obama’s Iran treaty politically, it also affected me in another way. Three weeks ago I started working for an Iranian doctor. All I could think of was if the treaty isn’t successful, could I become the first hostage on American soil.  The doctor is a very nice man but with politics you never know.  In a way working in his clinic is a lot like volunteering for the Church. Farsi is spoken by many of the workers there. So you have a group of people speaking very rapidly in a foreign tongue. ( At Church it is Greek).

It is a shame because at one time I spoke Spanish and Greek. Now I struggle with English. One of these days soon , all I will be able to do is nod my head and smile when I am communicating with other people.

The doctor had to be re-certified as a physician when he emigrated here with his family. Now he owns a three story office building. His walk in clinic is on the first floor. On the second floor is his wife’s Home Health Care office on one side and the administrative business offices on the other side. On the third floor is a Mosque. Attached at the back of the building is one of the chain store pot shops called “Altitude”. (Think of how much fun breaks can be).

What attracted me to this particular doctor is that he will only accept medicare and medicaid. He says in the long run it all evens out and he still manages to support his family. Now things will be okay as long as the Republican congress doesn’t defeat this treaty. If they do my family will have to start a free the hostage page on face book. ( Please give generously!! ).