In one of my recent blogs, I mentioned selling marijuana in Colorado. Pot shops are opening up at a rapid pace. Most are painted green and have names like Altitude ( This is actually a chain of shops around the Metro Denver area ), All Time High and Friends of Mary Jane. These shops much like liquor stores and bars run the gamut from very plush to down right dives. Some sell recreational pot, some medical pot ( with bright red crosses painted on the buildings ), and some sell both.

The minute you enter one of these shops, you are greeted by a cop and asked to show your ID. This is one of my favorite things about the pot shops – everyone is carded. Instead of being asked ” Would you like the senior discount? “, you are asked ” May I see your ID?”. You also notice that everyone working in these shops is very friendly and is always smiling. After spending some time in a shop, you understand why. Much like second hand smoke, there is that distinct aroma. Most customers also leave with smiles on their faces.

There are literally hundreds of job openings because so many shops are opening up around town. The requirements are fairly simple : 1.) You must pass a background check 2.) You must pass a credit check and finally 3.) ( the most important ) You must pay a $150.00 fee for your marijuana badge ( This makes you official and must be renewed every year at the same rate ). Also, the many benefits have been, reduced drug crime rate, millions of more dollars for the public schools ( taxes go to the schools ) , and a much happier and friendly state citizenship. Denver has always been called the Mile High City and now it is so true.