On Wednesdays, I try to attend the Paraklesis service held at the Metropolis Center by the Cathedral. It is at 5PM and is usually attended by between 20 – 30 people. They are mainly ancient and mostly women. This past Wednesday the storm clouds had rolled in and when I arrived there were only four women there. As soon as I got in the door the storm broke loose. Rain and hail came down nonstop.

One of the women threw up her arms and started to scream ” This is the end. God is angry. We are doomed”. I wanted to tell her that it must be just her he was mad at because God and I are getting along just fine. Then a second woman started to scream ” My new car will be ruined by the hail. Why would God destroy my car?” . I noticed her car was a Toyota. Perhaps God is more of a Ford type guy. A third woman started to scream ” I just planted my garden. My tomatoes will be destroyed. What will I do?”. ( Buy more tomatoes and plant them?). The fourth woman remained surprisingly  quiet.

The Bishop arrived and had us enter the Chapel to begin the service. He started out by saying ” Let us say a special prayer for those of us who may have family and friends driving in this storm. Let us pray that they arrive home safely”. That’s all it took for the fourth woman to stand up and shout ” My Children are driving in this storm. I will never see them again. May God protect them”. I bet the Bishop never starts another service using those words. While all this was going on all I could think of was ” Oh great , my last day on Earth and I get to spend it with these four hysterical, ancient Greek women”. Don’t tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor.