I wonder if John Denver ever dreamed that Colorado would legalize Marijuana when he wrote that song back in the 70’s? One thing is for sure pot was a lot cheaper back in the day. When I was a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, all you had to do was attend a party anywhere on campus and someone would be passing around a joint for you to toke on ( no charge ).  During football games there was a low hanging cloud over the student section in the football stadium. Win or lose the students always left the games happy. And the joints were passed around – no charge.

When I graduated from CU and got a job working for the state government in downtown Denver, it was just accepted that at the monthly pot luck someone would bring “special” brownies ( and they were free ).

Today things have changed. Medical and recreational pot shops are opening up at the speed of light. You can literally get high just driving down Colfax. The buildings are painted green so you know what they are and they have very creative names: “Friends of Mary Jane” “A Mile High” or “Altitude” are a few of the names.

During one of our Greek Festival meetings someone suggested that the Cathedral could grow pot on the vacant land next to it since it is now legal. Then we could package it in a wrapper with a Greek flag on it a a quote saying ” Get high on God”. For some reason the Priest was not amused.