This year was the 50th anniversary of the Denver Assumption Cathedral Greek festival. For years my dad ran the kitchen at the festival and the family “volunteered” to help him out. Last year Katie decided to become chairperson for the main entrance gate and of course the family once again “volunteered” to help her out. The west gate entrance had problems last year and Katie agreed to be the chairperson for that gate as well, along with her “volunteers”. The festival runs from Friday to Sunday.

Friday morning I arrived to set up the west gate booth. The booth is a metal trailer that coke uses to sell drinks at events. Coke donates this trailer for the Church to use every year. Next year I think I will request something a little smaller and less heat resistant. While I was organizing the trailer , I felt drops of water on me. I looked up and said ” What the **** is going on ?” . Turns out it was the Priest blessing the booths before the festival started. He smiled at me and continued on.

At about 3PM Friday afternoon an ancient Greek man jumped into the booth with me and said ” You need help”. I replied ” No I don’t , thank you”. To which he replied ” Oh yes you do”. And he immediately began to rearrange everything at our booth and tell me what I had done wrong to organize the west gate. Then he found that the beverage bin in the trailer was still full of water. He decided that it needed to be drained. Unfortunately he drained it onto the trailer floor. As we stood there knee deep in water he smiled and said ” Don’t worry. In this heat it will evaporate soon”.

May his memory be eternal. My friends have asked me if it was worth it (YES!!). Besides it was self defense and I only got 3-5 with time off for good behavior. My biggest concern now is that they will place me in a cell with another Greek.