Apparently the Church board at Assumption Cathedral is on the verge of banning the Ethiopian community from the use of the ballroom for wedding receptions. This is not racially motivated but merely destruction of property motivated. And remember the Greeks are not shy about partying to the max.

It seems that there have been several incidents that have led the board to this decision. Starting with the wine incident, it seems that there was a certain wine that was very popular and heavily consumed. The janitor is still scrubbing the stains out of the walls and carpet several months later. Then there were the gun incidents. Apparently shooting guns at the wedding reception is a tradition. Unfortunately, the first time, the bullets left holes in the windows, walls and ceiling. They were told that guns could not be fired inside the premises. The second time they did heed that warning and decided to fire from the balcony outside the ballroom. The police were not amused.

Then there was the garbage disposal incident. Half a dozen spoons were found as the cause of a broken garbage disposal. ( Was this mistaken for the dishwasher? ). Replacing the garbage disposal was not cheap. What my have been the final straw that broke the camel’s back though was the fire. It seems that there is some sort of tradition that consists of burning a bonfire during the wedding reception. After the fire was extinguished , it was explained to the celebrants that the middle of the ballroom floor was not the best place to have the fire located. I have never been to one of these events, which is probably why I am alive and able to write about them.