When I bought my dad’s house and moved in to take care of him, I vowed to never move again ( never say never – right? ). My niece Katie has said that she would like to buy the house, so I will be moving sometime in the future. The thought of packing everything up and then moving to a new place is not pleasant at all. I was thinking of burning down the house and then claiming the insurance. Whenever I suggest this to my friends they get all hysterical and mention things like fraud and arson. Of course these same friends all have “excuses” for why they can’t help me move. The way I look at it , it is their fault if I turn to a life of crime.

When I was younger, it was very easy to find a friend who owned a truck and I had plenty of healthy, muscular male friends ( and some women – never, ever argue with them ). We would all get together and have someone moved within hours and then party afterwards. Now, nobody that I know owns a truck. And the guys are no longer young and muscular. They now have silly complaints like a heart condition, or bad back, knees or hips or many, many other body parts now causing them problems. What lengths some people won’t go to trying to avoid a little bit of work. I suppose that it is a bit much asking a person with a walker to help you carry boxes. Of course there is always Craig’s list – what could possibly go wrong with that?