So, I started a part time job last week. It ended in a week. Originally it was supposed to last from one to six months and then the agency would have something else lined up for me. The woman at the agency was furious ” This is the third time they have done this to us.We are dropping them as a client”. ( It’s a shame they didn’t drop them after the second time). I am a bit of a job jinx , so I may still get my revenge.

It started when I went to work as office manager for a box manufacturing company. The headquarters was in New Orleans and a branch office in Denver. After 6 years they went bankrupt. ( The awful part – besides losing my job – was the company policy of getting a free weeks paid vacation in New Orleans after 6 years. Guess who didn’t get his vacation?). Next came working for the State of Colorado at the Student Loan Program.

Sure enough after 6 years, the state legislature decided that Colorado should no longer be in the student loan business. They closed the division, along with my job. I took a year off and got a Medical Coding certificate. I went to work for a company that did medical coding for many of the ER’S in the greater Denver metro area. The jinx was finally broken. They didn’t outsource the coding jobs until after my 7th year there. I was told at this last week long job that the company had been around for 41 years. ( That’s about to change ).  I am betting that my being there a week will be good enough for the job jinx to kick in. Besides they’ve had a good run.