Aunt Connie passed away this last Thursday. She was the last living sibling of Yiayia and Papou Georgelas. For me growing up , they were all larger than life – they were super heroes. I was incredibly fortunate to have them all as a part of my life. Aunt Connie always reminded me of a Hollywood movie star with looks, glamour and grace. She could light up a room with her smile and her love for her family was boundless. She never knew a stranger and everyone was always welcome in her home.

I am very grateful that her family and friends were able to celebrate her 90th birthday with her. I wasn’t able to attend, but from the pictures that I have seen on face book and from my cousins that I have talked with, she had a great time being surrounded by her family and friends. Plus, for the people that did attend , they will have memories that will last a life time. While there is a great sadness in her passing, I feel so blessed to have known this beautiful ( inside and out ) woman. May her memory be eternal. I know for me it will. Love You Aunt Connie!!