“Christos Anesti” – Christ is Risen. ( And yes that is the extent of my Greek ). I spoke nothing but Greek when I entered kindergarten and even learned Spanish and Latin in school. Now I struggle with English. Too much of that Colorado pot, I guess my brain cells are dying.

Looking back it seems that I spent half my childhood doing something in or with the Church. There was GOYA, Cretan Youth, Greek School, Sunday School and best of all Altar boy. I served in the Altar when Father George Neofotistos  was Priest in Denver.  He was a very nice, religious man but very conservative. We would often have very lively “discussions” about social and political issues. We learned to respect each others opinions, even though I feel that Father George was wrong most of the time.  When I graduated high school and left the Altar, Father George wanted me to go to the Seminary. ( Rumor has it that the Church is considering making the day I left the Altar a Church holiday).

Father George had it all arranged for me to fly to Boston and see what I thought of the Seminary. I told him that I would not be happy there and needed to go to someplace with great academics and very liberal ( My three choices were Columbia – New York, Cal – Berkeley and my favorite CU – Boulder. Of course I got my admittance to CU last – figures right? ).

So, I went to CU and Father George wouldn’t speak to me for two months. We patched things up eventually and remainder close until he left Denver. ( To run the Seminary ironically ).  One very cool thing about being Eastern Orthodox is that our Easter is celebrated the same as everyone else only once every 4 years. This means we get Easter candy at reduced prices most of the time – pretty cool huh?