Catchy title right? A while ago I had a prostate biopsy done. It was really cool. There was a big screen in the room and I got to watch. I keep trying to convince the doctor to do the same thing with my upcoming colonoscopy but he keeps on insisting that you have to be totally sedated. If someone is going to be poking and probing around inside of me I want to know what is going on. I come by this naturally, my dad keep on asking the doctors if he could watch every time they did heart surgery on him. To his disappointment the answer was always no.

When they do the prostate biopsy , they tell you that there is a one in a million chance of getting an infection. I soon found out that I was one in a million ( I always knew I was special) . The really bad part was that the infection decided to locate itself in my left testicle. The men reading this will all understand and sympathize with the pain. The women will probably refer to child birth as being more painful. I will say that passing kidney stones was the worst pain ever for me. At one point I kept asking the doctor to just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

I have been to the ER twice now as the doctors try and find the right pain medications and `anti bacterial medications. I have also been groped by more people than I care to mention ( All in the name of medical practice). I can hardly wait to see what happens with my colonoscopy.