Holy Week has me thinking about my dad. Not only did we attend Church every night  ( the only excuse for missing a service was death – your own ), but we always got there early ( an hour early usually, because ” How else will God know we are there if we aren’t sitting in “our” pew? I did not know God was so easily confused.) One family did sit in our pew one Sunday. The next Sunday I was told that they had moved out of town. I will miss them.

My dad also liked to keep attendance after we arrived. For example: 6:15 – about 30people in Church. 6:30 – over a hundred people in Church. 6:45 – the Church is almost full. 7:00 – Standing room only “This is why we come early, to sit in “our” pew and to have a place to sit. ( Ignoring the fact that you stand during most of the service).

My dad was also in charge of cooking the Agape meal after midnight services for several years. And I happily “volunteered”. “Don’t put the lamb in that oven. You call those potatoes, they look like mush. What did you do to the vegetables? Thank God someone else made the Baklava.” Constructive criticism , you know just in case I should ever want to become a chef. The way i looked at it was: at 2:30 in the morning these people were getting a free meal. If they didn’t like what was served or the way it was cooked, they could go home and cook their own damn meal – Happy Easter!!