My parents were always very politically involved. As a kid I remember stuffing envelopes for JFK and the one and only time I was allowed to take a day off from school was to meet Bobby Kennedy when he came to Denver for a fund raiser.

Therefore it was only natural that when I entered high school, it was my duty to make sure that the student body was aware of what was happening in the world they were living in. And fortunately for me the University of Colorado – Boulder had a very active chapter of the SDS ( Students for a Democratic Society) . They organized anti war rallies and were more than happy to help organize these rallies on high school campuses.

The rally was a huge success. After the crowd dispersed I was quickly escorted into the principal’s office. I was informed that the school had some stupid rule about getting school board approval before holding rallies on school grounds ( seriously?). I was also suspended. However the next day my dad came to school with me and I was reinstated ( didn’t miss an hour of class ).  Over the next three years , several other rallies were held, just to make sure that the student body was kept current: Equal Rights, Civil Rights, Pro Choice/Equal Pay, Climate Control/Earth Day and for good measure one more Anti War. Yes , 6 rallies in all and 6 suspensions. Also 6 next day reinstatements without missing any school ( pretty cool).

On graduation day the principal shook my hand and handed me my diploma. He told me he was very happy that I was going to CU ( he never did say that he would miss me ). As I walked away I did hear him say under his breath ” He’s CU’s problem now”. I bet later on he retired out of boredom.