I hope Ronald Reagan is rotting in hell. Now this may not seem very nice or very Christian but let’s look at some facts. When the aids crisis first started in the USA, the Reagan White House decided to do nothing. After all it was only gay Americans dying and the weren’t “that important “. When non gay people started to die Reagan decided to act. ( how nice).

His name was Mike. Blond hair, blue eyes and a great body. I fell hard. According to him he felt the same way and I never had any reason to doubt him on that. The biggest problem facing us was Mike being HIV positive and sure enough a few months later this turned into full blown aids. We spent the rest of our relationship in Hospitals and Dr.s offices ( how romantic). Mike came from an Evangelical Christian background. He told me that his family had disowned him once he came out and that they had not spoken since.

One night , in the hospital, I very stupidly convinced Mike to phone home and tell his parents what was happening. l told him once they found out how sick he was, everything else would be forgotten. After all they were his parents – right? I dialed and put the phone on speaker. Mike’s mom answered. Once she found out who it was, she told us in no uncertain terms that we should never call her again. She ended the conversation by saying that she felt Mike would be better off dead anyway. When I hung up the phone we were both in tears. How do you comfort someone after this kind of conversation ( you can’t ). Mike died shortly after.

Back in the day it seemed like my friends and I were going to funerals on a weekly basis. I have often imagined that Mike’s family is resting in hell ( with their Christian ” family values”), right there beside Reagan.