For some stupid reason I didn’t come out to my family and friends until I was in college ( like no one new right?). So, here I was at the University of Colorado in my dorm room. I had just come back from the campus gay and lesbian student alliance meeting. The topic of discussion at this meeting was coming out. So, I decided to pick up the phone and call home. My dad answered and I said ” Dad I’m gay”. His reply ” That’s nice would you like to talk to your mother?”. ( A man of few words ). My mom said that they would love for who I was and that didn’t change a thing.

My mom wasn’t lying. They met many of my boyfriends and treated them with love and respect. Of course they were always especially excited when I dated a Greek guy. There was this one young man in particular, very nice guy, good looking and he spoke excellent Greek ( Apparently this was a plus ). This young man ,invited us over for dinner, cooked a delicious meal and entertained my parents perfectly. After a while I decided to end the relationship. My dad was heart broken. I told him that we just weren’t that compatible. He reply was ” But he’s Greek”. I told him “Yes, but we just don’t seem to agree on many things that are important to me”. My dad replied ” You are never going to agree all the time with someone, you have to compromise and besides he’s Greek!”. I could see where this conversation was headed ” But dad he’s a serial killer”. ” That may be but he’s Greek!”. It took a while for my dad to get over this disappointment and move on.