When my parents moved  to Colorado, they decided that they did not want to live in Denver. They had doubts about the quality of the Denver public schools. They chose instead to buy a home in the suburb of Aurora – upper middle class and at the time the best school system in the greater metro area. At that time Aurora was also very Lilly white. Now I have nothing against white people since that is also how I am classified ( until I get out in the sun). By the end of summer I could easily play the part of Martin Luther King.

At that time the only minorities in Aurora came from Fitzsimons Army Hospital Base. Because of my darker skin, I was often taken to be Hispanic. I very early learned that the word Spic was not used as a term of endearment. My two best friends were a Filipino kid ( who became a Catholic priest ) and a Jewish kid ( who became a Rabi ).  The best I achieved was altar boy ( go figure). And no the rumors aren’t true – the Priest did not throw a party when I finally left the Altar.

Today , Aurora is the most diversified city in the greater Denver metro area. We were told after the last census that Aurora was only second to New York in diversification. Over two hundred and sixty eight languages are now spoken in the city of Aurora. Many things have changed in Aurora since we first moved here. One thing that hasn’t changed, I am still at times presumed to be Hispanic ( only now I am not the only one ).