Figuratively not literally . Poor Darcy lost his best two buddies and life just isn’t the same for him. Yes, we give him hugs and love him up and he still gets his rawhide bone but things still aren’t the same for him without papou and Apollo around.

Darcy came to live with papou when he was about 3 months old. The first time he went into the back yard there was a ceramic burrito that became his sworn enemy.He barked at him and made us all laugh with his goofy puppy behavior. Eventually the burrito broke and Darcy remained king of the back yard. Darcy was also the first dog my dad let sleep on his bed ( with his own pillow).

Before I bought the house and moved in with my dad , I would bring Apollo over when I went to work. Even though they were only 8 months apart, Apollo was a lot smaller than Darcy. From the beginning we told Darcy take care of the baby. Boy did he take those words to heart. When Apollo would go into the back yard, Darcy would follow and watch his ever move. When people would come over and try to pet Apollo , Darcy would stand in between them and bark ( No one touched Apollo without Darcy’s permission).

Of course Apollo also took advantage of this. We learned quickly that we would need two food dishes because Darcy would watch Apollo eat all the food in their dish and not say or do anything. When I would give them their rawhide bones, I would sit down to cut Apollo’s into pieces. While I was cutting Apollo’s rawhide, he would go over to Darcy and take the rawhide from his mouth, come back over to me and sit on Darcy’s rawhide. Darcy would just watch and do nothing, not growl, bark or anything. Of course every time I made sure Darcy got his rawhide back. I have never seen a dog let another dog get away with that type of behavior.

So now Darcy still gets lots of love and hugs and still has his rawhide bone but it just isn’t the same. Anyone who says that dogs don’t have feelings and don’t understand just simply doesn’t know or hasn’t been close to dogs. At times they can be more human than some people.