Many people have encouraged me to continue the blog and I have decided to proceed. I am not sure what direction it will take but I thought I would start out talking about my dog Apollo. I got Apollo when he was only six weeks old. Actually , he choose me. When I went to choose my puppy, I sat on the floor in the house and two puppies came running and jumping into the room.  Then a third puppy , half their size slowly walked across the room, looked up at me, sat down and rested his head on my leg. ( I had no choice). He was the runt of the litter and he fit perfectly in my shirt pocket.

I never once spanked this puppy ( who would hit such a small creature?). When he was getting housebroken and looked like he was going to pee, I would quickly pick him up and say no, no, no – outside. In spite of me ( he was very smart ), he learned to use the dog door and pee outside. When I first gave him his rawhide bones to chew, his teeth were still too small so I would cut them up for him. This continued the rest of his life. Several times I cut my self and had to go to the ER much to the amusement of the staff. (Who cuts a grown dogs rawhide into little pieces?)

Apollo slept on a corner of my bed and snored so loudly the walls rattled ( apparently he had sinus issues). Then he got sick and it happened so quickly. Sunday , he was happily eating his food and getting his rawhide bone. By Monday he had stopped eating and only wanted to sleep. I was told that his red blood cells were being destroyed. He was pale and listless. By Tuesday, I had no choice. My sweet little dog with the continuous wagging tail and kisses was dying.

I stayed with him when they gave him his injections ( I couldn’t let him die alone). He looked at me one last time and then was at peace. The vet sent me a sympathy card with his paw print on it. It probably sounds a little silly, but I think dog lovers know how much a gesture like that means. Boy I sure miss the little guy.