As everyone knows by now my dads surgery was postponed. His last scan showed some spots on his lung and the doctor wasn’t sure what those spots were. The surgery was cancelled and another scan was scheduled for Monday. While we were all extremely disappointed at the news, my dads doctor seemed to take it worse than we did.

When he was talking on the phone to my niece and sister, telling them the situation, he started out by saying ” I am so sorry, I feel like just crying”. Then the conversation went on. At another point he said ” I am just so upset about the way all of this has turned out”. There was a brief pause and then ” Oh, I imagine you are all upset too” ( ya think ).  Finally he ended with ” You know I just love George so much “.

After talking it over we decided that we would find a grief counselor that we could recommend to poor Dr. Maroni.  Of course my dad wasn’t much either. After hearing the news that those spots on his lung might be cancer, he said ” I probably should quit smoking”.  Of course then less than five minutes later, there he was out on the patio ” not smoking”. The scan will be Monday. Hopefully Dr. Maroni will have recovered by then. And we will also know which direction we will be going in with my dad. At least we have football on Saturday.