I’m very excited to learn that one of my all time favorite plays – Hair – is being revived and will soon be playing in Denver. Now what does this have to do with my dad? Well, after all the visits to the ER and all the stays in the hospital, his biggest concern each time is ” How does my hair look?”. As it is he doesn’t have that much left any more and as I have told him frequently, they aren’t concerned with that end of his body. All the focus has been on the other end.

As we have found out after frequent hospital stays, there are no mirrors in the rooms – only in the bathroom. ” Who planned this? I can’t get up every time I have to comb my hair. My hair must be a mess. Don’t they care how their patients look?” (apparently my dad thinks that he is a contestant on Project Runway).

At any rate, during his last hospital stay, the first thing that I was instructed to bring from home was a hand mirror and a comb. Then every time he would move in the bed, the first question was ” Did I mess up my hair?”. He would then quickly grab his comb and mirror and repair the damage.

Today, my dad decided to get his hair cut so that he would look presentable for his surgery and hospital stay. He went to his barber “Jim”, who has been cutting his hair for decades. When my dad got back home he said ” I think Jim is getting to old to cut hair. Look at how short he cut my hair. I’m not sure how much longer I will let that old man cut my hair”.  ( indeed ).