So Monday we were back at the hospital. This time however, it was a planned visit. I’m sure we were missed in the ER.  The reason for our visit, my dad was to get his Nephrostomy tube replaced. ( oh what fun ). Also, per usual the hospital wanted us there an hour before the surgery. This meant that my dad would have us get there two hours before. This also led to my dads familiar complaint ” I don’t know why they have you come so early. All you do is hurry up and wait”. ( indeed ).

Once we got in the room and my dad had changed his clothes, the doctor came in for a pre surgery consultation. He explained the surgery to my dad and what to expect then he asked my dad ” Do you have any questions?” . My dad replied no but said ” I do have one request. Please don’t do any drinking in the next two hours”. The doctor promised that he wouldn’t, laughed and left.

The surgery went quickly and within the hour my dad was back in the recovery room. The nurse asked him how he felt. ” Hungry, I haven’t had a damn thing to eat since last night. Is this really a nice thing to do to people?, starve them before surgery? Oh and by the way when can I go home?”. The nurse told my dad that they need to observe him for half an hour and that he could go home at a quarter to three. For the next half hour my dad kept his eye on the clock and at a quarter to three told the nurse to bring him his discharge papers and clothes. He got dressed, signed his papers and we headed home.