Remember that Beatles song? If you do you are old. The Kelaidis version of that would be back in the ER. Yes, that is where we ended up again Sunday night. The good news is that we got to watch the Good Wife with one of our favorite Greek actresses – Julianna Margulies before we had to go to the hospital. My dad had massive amounts of blood in his urine. ( I hope no one is eating while reading this ).

Because of our many, many trips to the ER ( rumor has it that  we have helped the hospital build a new wing thanks to our generous donation), I am considering doing a facebook fundraiser. The money would go toward buying a permanent room at the hospital. Anyone who contributes could crash for free when ever you are in Denver. ( Just pretend to be sick while the admit you). An added benefit  would be the legal medical pot that is now offered here. Come to see the Colorado beauty, visit family and friends, crash for free and in the new Colorado tradition enjoy a true ” Rocky Mountain High”.

While my dad was in his room in the ER waiting for the doctor, he couldn’t find a comfortable position to sit in. ” Because of my weight loss, my butt is now so bony that I can’t find anything soft or comfortable enough to sit on”. For this reason we bought my dad one of those extra thick padded toilet seats. Jackie refuses to use it because she says it is so high up she feels like she is peeing standing up. ( I don’t understand her problem. I have done that my entire life).