That would be my brown bag that contained my urine sample for the day. I placed it discreetly in the refrigerator away from anything else. Yes, my doctor wanted refrigerated pee ( go figure ). When I got back from Church on Sunday, I went to grab my bag and it was gone. I calmly asked ” Where is my bag!”. My dad replied ” I threw the bag away and the container is in the back of the refrigerator with the rest of the drinks. Isn’t that the bag you brought back from the restaurant that you and your friend went to Saturday night after the game?”  I told my dad ” First, I never went anywhere after the game and second that container contains my pee, it is not a drink”. My dad was disgusted ” Who puts pee in the refrigerator?”.  I told him that the doctor had suggested keeping it there to keep it cool. I quickly got the brown bag and put the container back in it. Early Monday morning the container went to the lab to everyone’s relief.

My dad still ” does not smoke” . At least he does it on the patio with the windows open year round. One day my niece told him ” Papou you know that smoking causes bladder cancer”. He replied ” Well I already have it so why worry?” ( indeed ). Even the dogs , who follow my dad everywhere, won’t go on the patio with him. They stare at him through the patio door while he doesn’t smoke. Remember, like Bill Clinton, he doesn’t inhale. Of course the rest of us will probably die from second hand smoke. Every time the patio door opens it smells like one of the bars in downtown Denver.