Well, we heard from the doctor and the date for my dads operation is October 15. You can tell that he is getting stronger because he is getting crabbier and more critical of the things we do. ” Are you sure you checked the oil in the car correctly? Did you put the new oil in the car correctly? Did you remember to use the filter and not just dump it in all at once? Oh did you vacuum the carpet? I guess we each have are own opinion of what clean is. Now, I don’t mean to accuse anyone of anything but the next time you use the microwave cover the dish. Have you seen the inside of that thing? It is a mess. Well I am glad you finally fed the dogs, but now this is just a suggestion – I usually feed them a lot earlier”. Ah yes, Big Bad George is back.

I also had a return visit to my doctor as a follow up to my kidney stones. I am feeling much better and the blood work and urine sample all came back clean. However my doctor feels that more research needs to be done because ” Four kidney stones is enough for anyone to pass and we want to prevent more in the future”. First she wants a full days sample of urine. ” But you need to keep it cool before bringing it in – I suggest you put it in the refrigerator”.  Can you imagine a container full of urine next to the feta cheese? ( What would the feta cheese heiress Nicole think of that?)