On a normal Wednesday I would be taking care of my dad in the morning while Toni went to teach. However things are never normal around here. Tuesday night I ended up in the ER passing kidney stones ( such fun ). We came home at 2AM and I was in no pain. However several hours later I decided to pass more stones. Back to the ER ( where they know me by name now ). Luckily for us we have a very large and supportive family here. Cousins Kathy, Takis, PeteĀ  and Crissy have been terrific when it comes to my dad. This time it was cousin Angela. Angela stayed with my dad while Toni went and taught and I bitched and moaned in the hospital about the pain. ( I am very good at this ). Thank you Angela!

Our house now resembles a poor version of assisted living – without all the amenities. We have my dad with his bladder, Katie with her RA , Toni with her asthma and now me with my kidney stones. Imagine four crabby Greeks in the same house. ( it isn’t pretty ).

The good news is that Jackie will have a client base just waiting for her when she finishes Medical School. The even better news is that when Katie finishes Law School, she can represent us in our lawsuit against Jackie for malpractice. This way we keep everything in the family. Who ever imagined things would work out so nicely?