So, my dad returned to the hospital Tuesday night. He had too much blood in his urine. By the time he was readmitted , he was anemic and needed a transfusion. The doctor decided that he would need to stay and have the sources of the bleeding in his bladder cauterized. He was not a happy man.  ” You know I am really starting to hate this place”. Once again he was also told that he could have nothing to eat after midnight because of the pending procedure. ” Fine , they don’t want me to bleed to death but they don’t seemed concerned about starving an old man to death”.

To make matters worse, he wasn’t taken into the operating room until 1:00 the next afternoon. In the recovery room , my dad was very disoriented. “How long have I been passed out? Did they ever find the doctor? I have been looking for him all over this hospital.” He looked at me and said “What’s your name”. We discovered beyond a doubt that my dad could never do heavy drugs. He had had an opium suppository to help with the bladder pain right before the procedure. That added to the anesthesia and other drugs used for the procedure had made him very loopy.

After being back in his room for a while and having something to eat, he started to return to a normal mental state. Plus the fact that the Doctor had kept his promise to my dad. When he entered earlier in the week , he made the doctor promise that he would be home Friday night to watch the CU game because ” I am not watching the Buffs play a football game in some damn hospital”. So tomorrow night at 7:00 PM , we will all be gathered in the family room watching the Buffs play. The happiest one of all will be my dad because he won’t be in “That damn hospital”.