My dad needs to build his strength and gain some weight before he can have his surgery. First we need to find out what his weight really is. He weighed himself yesterday and found out he weighed less than  when  they had just weighed him at the doctor’s office. We guessed that one of the scales was off. My dad was sure it was the doctor’s scale because ” I have used my home scale for years and it has never been wrong”. Our solution was, the next visit to the doctor my dad will take his own scale and have them weigh him on that. Why would they object?

One why to build strength and gain weight for my dad would be to eat better meals with less preservatives in the food. My niece Katie, who is a great cook, decided that she will make home made meals for my dad. The first meal was meat loaf. She told my dad ” I got this recipe from a friend in England papou”. My dad replied ” Well I have never had meat loaf from England but it is very good”. Katie  replied “No papou, the recipe is from England. I made the meat loaf here”.

The Priest visited my dad last week when he got out of the hospital. It was a very nice visit of prayer and conversation. Before he left the Priest told my dad ” You know George , you can come to Church any day of the week you feel like. It doesn’t have to be just Sunday. And we have wheel chairs available if you are having trouble walking”. My dad was very adamant ” I am not using a wheel chair at Church”. When we both asked him why, he replied ” I am not going to be rolling into Church in front of God like some old disabled person”. The Priest agreed that walking into Church would also be ok.