My dad returned to the hospital Friday night. His bladder wasn’t draining properly and his legs were swollen up like balloons. He eventually ended up having a tube inserted in his back going directly into the kidney to get the bladder to drain properly.  He spent three days in the hospital before being released and of course we visited often.

Saturday, while we sat in his room talking and watching TV , he turned and commented to us ” Have you seen all the old people on this floor? I look out my door and there are nothing but old people walking back and forth”. My niece told him ” But papou, you are the geriatric floor. This is a special floor in the hospital where they treat old people like you”. He replied ” Generic – how can they say what I have is generic? How many people do you know with my medical problems?”. Katie told him ” No geriatric – old people. This is a special floor in the hospital where they treat old people and their medical problems”. My dad was even more upset ” Oh great, they stick an old man with serious medical problems on a floor with nothing but old people. How is that supposed to help?” ( indeed).

He was able to come home Tuesday afternoon but had to return Tuesday night when the bag draining from his back became blocked. He spent the night for observation. The nurse called the next morning , I went and picked him up and now he is at home walking ( with his walker) and a dog on each side. They aren’t about to let him go anywhere this time.