That was a great song by my favorite group The Mamas and Papas. Well the other day my dad fell three times. The first time he was on the patio in a chair – not smoking. He saw some WD40 and remembered that he needed to use it somewhere on my car. He reached for the can and slide out of his chair. Once Toni and I had picked him up his response was ” Damn now I don’t remember what I needed that for”.

The next fall was in the bathroom. He misjudged exactly where the toilet seat was and sat on the floor. As I went to pick him up he said ” Well this is really shitty” As I bent over to pick him up our eyes locked and we both burst out laughing making it even harder to pick him up. However, it turned out that my dad was right.

The third fall occurred in the shower. As he was standing there in the shower , I noticed that his lesgs became weaker and he started to slide to the floor grabbing the side of the shower to steady himself. I reached in to grab him and we both slide to the floor. It dawned on me a few minutes later that it might be easier to help him up if the water was turned off. It still wasn’t easy helping a wet, slippery ,soapy man stand up. ( this could also explain why I haven’t dated recently). I suppose this also reflects negatively on my new career as a home help aide. Basically, if you are home and I am there, you will eventually need help.