My dad came home from the hospital on Saturday. He was happy to be home and the dogs were especially happy to have him come home – Darcy refused to eat while he was gone. The first night that my dad was admitted to the hospital , he found out he had a roommate. He told us the next day though that his roommate was mean. When we asked my dad why, he said ” Well when I entered the room I told him hi nice to meet you and he didn’t say a thing or even look my way”. We told my dad that the man might have been in pain or even asleep, to which he replied ” Well that is still no excuse for not being polite and greeting someone when they enter the room”. (indeed).

My dad also said that he was upset with the guy because ” He had his TV on all night and it kept me awake”. Now the way the beds are set up the speakers are on the headboards of the beds. The man’s TV was on all the time that we were visiting and we could not hear a thing. Not only that but while we were visiting my dad he kept yelling at us to ” Speak up because I don’t have my hearing aids on and can’t hear a damn thing”. ( Selective hearing?).

My dad was told that he would be sent home with a walker, but he set out to prove to the nurses that he didn’t need one ” Those damn things are for old people to use”. The day before he was discharged, we helped him out of bed and he proceeded to walk the hall without the walker. I was by his side and Toni was pushing the walker behind us. When we got to the nurses station he smiled and said ” I told you I don’t need that damn thing”. We we rounded the corner out of sight of the nurses, he grabbed the walker from Toni and said ” There is no need for you to be pushing that thing”.  He then used the walker all the way back to his room.