Well, we arrived at the hospital and went through the normal routine of waiting until my dad finally went into surgery. Unfortunately, things did not go as smoothly as anticipated. Midway through the operation the doctor came out to have a chat with my sister and I. Apparently the cancer has spread to more of the bladder than he first believed. The good news is that the cancer has not spread to the kidneys – it is contained in the bladder. The doctor then said that before going further, he would sew my dad back up and give him three options tomorrow, once he was alert and awake enough to decide how to proceed.

The options will be do nothing and be around another two years (We talked this over with my dad and this is not an option that will be chosen). Next is removal of the bladder and as my dad stated “Walk around with that damn bag the rest of my life”. It appears that he will be choosing the third option of chemo therapy.

Now my dad has had chemo for bladder cancer fifteen years ago and it has been in remission until now. The doctor feels that my dad is an excellent candidate for chemo again. He feels that he has the strength to deal with the treatment and that he should have many years remaining afterward. No there was no humor in this particular post- Just facts.

Because of all the love, concern and prayers for my dad, I wanted to let everyone know the facts. We appreciate all the support from everyone – it means so much. We are also confident that he will pull through this and be around to tell us more of his stories or make us laugh with more of his antics.