We finally got the time and date for my dad’s surgery. Next Wednesday 8:30AM.  Of course the surgery itself won’t be until 10:30, so we will have the pleasure of signing in, preparation and then waiting. Luckily as we all know, my dad is extremely patient ( indeed ).  The doctor also told us that instead of coming home after surgery as was originally planned, they would have my dad spend the night. This set off a whole new set of problems – the dogs. “Who will fed them? Will the eat when I am gone? Where will they sleep since I won’t be in my bedroom?”. Even though these are trying and confused times, we told my dad that we would somehow manage to take care of the dogs.

While talking with my dad about his up coming surgery, we discussed his past surgeries and there is quit a list. Nine heart bypasses, a heart valve, a heart stent, a hip replacement, two stents in his bladder, previous surgery for cancer in his bladder, surgery on his hand when it got infected and now this surgery. All in all we figured that with a few more surgeries over the next few years and my dad wouldn’t have an original part left on him. A true bionic man.

Of course he has to take several containers with him when he checks in. We need a case for his glasses, and containers for his upper teeth and hearing aids. Or as my dad stated so well ” Thank God nothing else is detachable”.