At least this time it wasn’t for my dad, my nieces or my sister. Nope , for me. I took a piece of skin out of my thumb with a pair of scissors. When it happened , my dad was in the room. When he saw all the blood, he said ” Where did all that blood come from? How did it happen? You really need to get that bleeding stopped”. When I told him that I cut myself cutting a raw hide chew for my dog, he was very sympathetic “That was a really dumb thing to do. You are bleeding all over the place. You know blood is hard to get out of things”. After several minutes when I could not get the bleeding to stop, my niece and sister insisted I go to the ER.

The doctors and nurses at the ER found it amusing that the accident was caused by my cutting a raw hide chew for my dog. “Can’t he chew raw hides on his own? What kind of dog is this? What is wrong with him?”. I explained to them that when he was a puppy his teeth were to small to chew the raw hides and that I started cutting them into pieces for him and have continued ever since. The dog lovers in the ER understood, the others just shook their heads and laughed.

There wasn’t enough skin for stitches, so the nurse very carefully put ointment on my thumb and wrapped it in surgical gause. She said I should continue doing this for several days to give the wound a chance to heal. She also said” The nice thing about the gause is that you can cut it with your hands. Of course if it is too difficult you can always use a scissor, but I would recommend using a plastic scissor – less chance of getting hurt that way”.  I guess this passes for ER humor.