Saturday Night we ended back in the ER again. My dad had been passing some blood in his urine and we just wanted to make sure everything was ok. The great thing was , we were escorted into a room almost immediately ( this is imperative because as we all know, my dad hates to wait ). Once we got in the room however, things changed because with my dad’s medical history, they take their time checking him out before dismissing him to go home. Now most people would appreciate the effort done by the hospital but my dad was upset because ” I am missing NCIS and we probably won’t get home until after ten”. Unfortunately he did miss NCIS and we didn’t get home until after ten.

They had him take off his shirt and put on a hospital gown. ” At least I get to keep mt pants on. These damn things flap in the wind when you go to the bathroom and they let everyone see your business”. (This time his business was safe). The doctor checked him out and they took blood samples and another urinalysis. Now as we all know it takes a little time to get these results back. As soon as they drew the blood, my dad was ready to go. The longer we waited for the results, the more impatient and crabby he got. Finally he stood up and said ” I need to comb my hair before going home”. He got in front of the mirror, combed his hair but instead of going back to the bed he grabbed the door to his room , opened it and yelled ” I want to go home!”. ( At that point so did I). The doctor quickly came back, told us the blood tests were normal and discharged us.