Since my dad had missed Church this past Sunday and since the Priests had been told that he was having medical issues, one of them called today and told my dad that he would be coming to visit and see how he was doing. For this family having a Priest visit isn’t that rare of an occasion. Heck ,we have had many of them and their families over for dinner on all of the major holidays. However , when the realization hit my dad that the Priest would be arriving soon , panic set in ” We need to shampoo the rug, paint the walls and dust, dust , dust. What will the father think if this house is a mess?” ( and here all this time I thought Priests were in the business of saving souls, not house inspections). So we cleaned, and dusted and dusted and dusted.

When the Priest arrived, he had a nice chat with my dad, asked him what was going on and said a very nice blessing and prayer. He also only went into two rooms in the house. Who was all that panic cleaning and dusting done for? As the Priest was leaving he told my dad to be sure and contact him as soon as the results from his kidney scan were known. My dad said that he would immediately contact one of the women in the Church office and have her contact the Priest. The Priest then told my dad that there was now only one woman currently working in the Church office as the other one had quit. My dad replied ” Well she was getting rather old”. I think this further explains why my dad never did pursue a career as a diplomat.